Studio Policy

My goal as a private flute instructor is to help my students become the best they can be. The quest for excellence is a lifelong process, but keep in mind that it is attainable for anyone! That is up to you to achieve, because if you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re absolutely right!


Students are expected to practice the same duration as their lesson every day of the week, or more if necessary. I am the teacher one day a week, but the student learns little by little how to be their own teacher during the week. Practice doesn’t always make perfect. Learning practice methods is the key to perfection. 


Due at the first lesson for the entire upcoming month.
If 24 hours notice is not given for rescheduling or canceling a lesson, the student is still responsible to pay for the missed lesson with the exception of sudden illnesses or emergencies. If tuition is not received at the first lesson there will be a $10.00 late fee, unless it is sent in the mail the next day.


• Method books – See Required Books List

• Metronome – purchase by the second lesson
A metronome beats a steady tempo for practicing music exercises. I give assigned “goal” speeds for each exercise in the student’s method books.

• Notebook – purchase by the first lesson
The student is expected to bring it with them every week, along with the paper from the previous lesson so that I know what the student and I worked on. It is important that the parents read what I have written in the notebook so they can help the child learn and accomplish what is expected.

• Music stand – purchase by the second lesson
This is essential for practice sessions! Using a music stand will help create the correct posture while playing the flute and will encourage the student to practice.

• Tuner – purchase by the fifth lesson
A tuner helps the student learn that each note on the flute has it’s own pitch tendencies. The goal is to be “in tune” on every note.


It is very important to have a well maintained flute, not only for it to operate correctly, but also to have as much incentive as possible to practice and play well. To keep your flute well maintained, always clean it inside and out after every practice session. I recommend a silk, not cotton handkerchief to clean the inside, and a polishing cloth for the outside. If your flute happens to get a “sticky pad,” powder papers work well (you can also use cigarette or perm papers). Check ups should be made by an instrument repair specialist every six months. If any other problems with the flute occur, get it in to a flute repair specialist as soon as you can, preferably before the next lesson.

Flute Studio of Christina Castellanos

Studio Policy Agreement

I agree to practice the same duration of my lesson every day of the week,
pay for my lessons at the first lesson of the month, purchase
the necessary materials, and keep a well maintained flute.


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